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Prescription Refills

Unless otherwise directed by your provider, maintenance medications such as blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid prescriptions will be approved if the patient has had an office visit within the last three (3) months.


Narcotics, other controlled substances, and sleep aids will require a mandatory visit every three (3) months unless otherwise directed by the provider.

Patients requesting refills on antibiotics will need to schedule an office visit.​


If you are a new patient, please come to the Medical Records office on the Main Floor 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment, so you can fill out a new patient information form.

Please bring in your HEALTH INSURANCE CARD. 
In addition, you must have a Photo Identification Card. This could be your driver’s license or state-issued ID card with your photo, work ID card, or a school ID card but the card must have your photo on it.


Please bring all your bottles of medications that you are presently taking, including over the counter medications, such as vitamins and herbal or mineral supplements.

If possible, please bring in your medical records or labs from your previous Primary Care Physician.

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